Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pet Cures: Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Dog   What greater joy exists than a pet that is so happy to see you that they bowl you over licking you to death?  Unfortunately the experience becomes somewhat less joyous when the pet is stricken with a horrible case of halitosis or bad breath, as it is more commonly known.
  A dog or cat with bad breath can cause any pet owner to turn the other way in an attempt to avoid those loving licks.  And even though we all love to wake up to a nice, slobbery, facial wash, sometimes that breath is just too much to take first thing in the morning.

  There may be a specific reason for the bad breath, and again there may not be.  Particular issues like periodontal disease can often cause halitosis.  Look for symptoms such as swollen or tender gums, plaque build up and yellow or brownish stains on the teeth.  Though we can give you some tips on how to manage your pet's bad breath, issues such as the ones mentioned should not be ignored.
 > Esprit64 from North Yarmouth, Maine writes:
  "I have owned dogs and cats for years and the way I keep them well (having fresh breath, non-smelly stools and clean teeth--indicators of good health) is to feed them a no-grain diet, both wet and dry, supplemented by raw meats, occasional fresh fruits/veggies.
 I am not a nutritionist, so I always purchase a good quality manufactured pet food as the basic food source (not any of the popular brands found in supermarkets, even those touted as healthy or natural or "top of the line" --rather, purchase from select pet stores--likely not any of the box pet stores--which stock foods having only healthy ingredients.

My pets "brush" their teeth by eating raw, not cooked, beef/chicken/rabbit/etc., meats on the bone. Chewing raw--not cooked--bones is nature's natural toothbrush.

As a result of good eating and food habits, your pet's breath should be fresh, they should pass no gas, and their stools will not be horrendous smelling."

  > Erin from Seattle, Wa replies:
   "My pomeranian has oxalic bladder stones, and we've already been through one uncomfortable doggie up until one very expensive surgery. I heard about the raw dog diet and started him on it once signs of the oxalic stones were back.
 We had him on a holistic dog food diet and they still came back, albeit a year under schedule (go holistic food! ).
 However, I have had him on a raw dog food diet for two weeks now and now shows no signs of the oxalic bladder stones that were there previously. His breath is almost scentless, he has more energy, and less eye discharge.

  Apparently, fleas do not like raw dieted dogs, either, which will be a blessing since he is severely allergic to fleas as well, which I am also treating this year with garlic and brewers yeast pills and so far he has not needed expensive flea meds... We'll see.... I will give a progress update in a month or two.
  Meanwhile, anyone who has a dog with medical problems or just seeks to maintain optimal health should add the book "raw dog food" to their arsenal of pet care literature. Out of all the other things I have tried, this diet has warranted the quickest and most profound change in our dog's health." 

  > Rilo B. from Crescent City, Ca replies:
   "Just a tsp. A day of coconut oil , and not only will your dogs breath improve , but also cures "hot spots", their coat becomes shiny and skin problems vitually disappear!!! Dogs that have a "wet dog smell" to them ( labradors especially) coconut oil @ just tsp. a day will rid your dog of odors. You and your dog will LOVE IT!!!
  My dogs come running when they hear me opening the coconut oil jar. I've read articles about VCO (virgin coconut oil ) help w/tumors also. I loaned the magazine out (whole dog journal) that had the article in it, and now cannot locate it in whole dog journal archives, but it was fantastic account of all the benefits VCO provides for dogs. It won't hurt them...
So before you spend $$ on vet for skin , breath or coat problems, begin giving them a tsp. daily. See the improvement in just few weeks!!! I have 6 small dogs -4 love it, 2 can take it or leave it... Can be melted on poured over food... But 4 of them eat right off spoon. Give it a try -your dog will love you ~ even more... Rilo B."

  > Dorothy from Valley Glen, California writes:
  "Our eight-year-old Jack Russell Terrier had very bad breath and ugly black-stain teeth for most of her life. We tried everything, chopping parsley and adding it to her food, brushing her teeth with pet toothpaste, Greenies which gave her hemorrhoids, tried getting the Vet to clean her teeth but he never did, and everything we tried, failed.
  That is until I tried a drop of hydrogen peroxide. Now I've gradually worked up to adding an eye-dropper full (5-8 drops) to her water bowls daily, and her breath and teeth have improved much to our amazement. Her black teeth are now pure white, her breath is fresh and she seems to have a lot of new energy. Now I'm ready to give it a try myself for my arthritis." 



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