Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Losing Weight with ACV

 Daily users of Apple Cider Vinegar to control blood sugar and as part of a healthier lifestyle have discovered an amazing side effect: Weight Loss.
 Many members are reporting excellent results from this simple addition to their diet, and I've collected a few of my favorites below.

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  Alex from Salt Lake City, Ut writes: "Hello! I ran across ACV for weight loss last year when I was desperately trying to lose weight before my trip overseas. I read tons of testimonials and went right out the next day and bought the ACV. 
  A little about my weight: I'm female, 23, and in decent shape. I am 5'7'' and at the time weighed in at about 160. I have never been obese but am VERY curvy and had a spare tire I wasn't proud of. I was pretty active, but a total slouch at an exercise routine (usually I just walk places, or bike)

   Either way, I was a teacher, and I showed my friend at work this site. We went on the ACV together. We first tried the 2 teaspoons in 16 oz cold water (I drink NOTHING but water!!! ) but found it to be a little too gross.
 Since we're both fans of tea, we tried around 2 teaspoons in 8oz, with a bit of honey, served warm. Delicious!
 Tastes a bit like warm apple cider. The pounds started dropping off. It wasn't that I tried, but I was subconsciously eating less, of healthier foods. I found more energy as well! I lost eleven pounds the first month!!!
 One of my favorite stories is the "candy" story I like to tell skeptics of ACV. I am a HUGE fan of candy and eat it waaaay too much.
 During my "slim down for Sweden" I used to eat my favorite candy (won't mention the name but it's our favorite peanut butter mixed with chocolate cup! ) all the time. I had a teacher friend who would give me this treat in exchange for watching her class--I could never turn them down.
 Well, one morning I hadn't eaten breakfast yet (while on the ACV breakfast was always something healthy; fruit or an egg, etc) this morning I didn't eat anything but was sipping my usual cup of ACV.
 When the friend brought me my chocolate and peanut butter cup, I gobbled it down. And immediately felt barf. I couldn't believe it. After the "flushing" effect of the ACV, the sugars, the fats, the oils... Everything in that candy suddenly had a whole new taste.

  ACV is amazing for awakening your senses to what you put in your body. I usually ate both "cups" in less than a second, but I found myself unable to finish the first one, and gave the second one to one of the kids in class. By the time Sweden hit, I had lost 20 pounds and looked SEXY!!!

  I wrote this testimonial to re-motivate myself (slacked off this year on ACV) and to hopefully motivate others. This stuff really does work! And you don't even have to be patient to see results, just give it like a week and you'll feel clothes fitting better.
 Oh, and I am an extremist and overdo EVERYTHING, so I've since doubled the amount of ACV I use. Sometimes I pour a nice tall glass of OJ and put about 2 tablespoons in that. The acid of the OJ completely obliterates the taste of ACV. And boy, the combo REALLY gives you an energy jolt in the morning.
 Try it as an alternative to coffee or an energy drink! And good luck in everyone's efforts. :)"

 Ti from Houston, Tx replies: "What worked for me and weight loss with ACV is this...
mixing 2 tablespoons ACV with mother in 8 oz of lukewarm water and sipping this through the day in between meals.
It helps you stay/feel full so you eat less during meals and hence lose weight.
It also is very good for your gut with bacteria, etc so it is beneficial in losing weight.

 Additionally, I stopped eating rice, potatoes and friend foods. Stuck mainly to veggies and lean protein with occasional piece of fruit twice weekly.
You must change your eating habits to lose weight with ACV and incorporate some form of walking 45 mins daily to get the body moving."
    Ank from Herndon, Virginia, Usa writes: "I am taking ACV from last 1 week but seeing no diff. Pls tell me the way I should take it. I am 5'4" and weighed 131 pounds I am not overweight but wnt to lose 7-10 pounds to look better. Thanks"
    New Guy from Westwood, New Jersey replies:
   "This is in reply to "Ank" from Virginia regarding ACV & weight loss. As with any new supplement, the results will vary from individual to individual. In the case of ACV it is a slow process that changes your metabolism which encourages weight loss.
 Typically one would expect to yield results in 3 - 6 months for weight loss. It is the long term benefits that you should desire by using ACV, you know that stuff you dont actually see.
 If you are looking for a quick 7 - 10lb drop then ACV is probably not your best choice. Best of luck to you."

  Dr258250 from Johnstown , Oh, Usa writes: "Ok got a question for you if I take a tsp of the Apple Cider Vinegar just straight up since I can't stand the taste (never have) will it do harm?
 I can suffer thru the taste then drink the water straight up but sipping it.... Not sure about that one. What is everyones opinion on this one."
   Carly from Seattle, Wa Usa replies: "Hi Dr...
If you do that, it will work, but most people take a couple of tablespoons at a time, 2x a day. After prolonged exposure, your teeth and throat might not like it.
   If you put 2 tablespoons of ACV in the bottom of a glass, and add 1/2 of a TEAspoon of baking soda to it.... And let it sit until it stops foaming, then add water (about 8 - 10oz) and a splash of Orange Juice or Apple Juice, (or any type of juice - about 2 oz) I swear you will not even notice the ACV!
 Just give it a try.... Oj is best for masking the taste in my opinion.
 It is really worth the effort. I don't even really measure anymore, I just dump this and that and all good. Been taking it for about a year, and loving it.
    Candy from Manhattan, Ks replies: "I could not handle it in water either it made me want to vomit. I started taking straight shots of it until I read about someone adding it to juice.
  I will add 2tbls to about 16oz of grapefruit or orange juice(only juices I like) & you can't even taste it. My husband drinks it in Apple so I'm assuming any juice of your choice would work.
 Make sure you use a straw to get past the teeth as it does break down enamel. Hope this helps! "

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