Thursday, December 22, 2011

Easy Natural Sore Throat Cure -pt2

Cayenne Pepper (part 2)
  Voted most popular because it is the most effective of the natural cures for a sore throat, and the subject of the last post.

   This second page is our top response to the posting.

   Molly from Fort Lauderdale, Fl replies: "I am a singer, and after a four hour rehearsal last night I woke at 1:30 in the morning with an excruciatingly sore throat. It felt like there was broken glass in there, and I could barely swallow my own saliva. In desperation (because I have another rehearsal tonight! ), I found this site and ran down to the kitchen to try it.
 After gargling a cup of warm water with 1 tsp. Cayenne and 1/2 tsp. Sea salt, I felt so much better I went back to sleep. When I woke up a few hours later, my sore throat was 85% gone so I gargled again, and it's pretty much entirely gone now. I'm going to gargle with cayenne water after every strenuous rehearsal from now on! Thanks so much!"

  Cecilia from Atlanta, Georgia writes: "In order to avoid severe coughing while gargling with cayenne pepper (red pepper) in tempered water you need to breath deeply, hold your breath, take a sip of cayenne pepper, gargle, spit the mix and breath normal.
Gargling this way you avoid breathing through your mouth when you are sipping the mix and the dry cayenne powder doesn't get into your through.
 Also, when the throat and larynx are irritated it is better not to swallow a lot of the mix so just swallow what is left in your spit after spitting the mix. It has worked wonderfully for me!"

  Giancarlo from Sunny Isles Beach, Fl replies: "yes there is a trick for the fire not to come out of your nose and ears, literately!
  At first, I tried gargling, and it exploded out of my nose and the cayenne vapor was coming out of my eyes burning, spit it right away. Then I realized that it was way deeper than that, so I was gonna have to drink it.
 I did a few rounds of practice with water alone first. Hold your nose and swallow water without breathing. Don't let the air come out from your ears either. It's all connected in there.
 I put some honey on the mix, and held my nose, and swallowed without letting air out in any direction, but down my throat. It worked, I didn't explode at all.
Now I can do it tomorrow. If you even let a little air out... it's a bomb."

   Debbi from Delta, CO replies: "I tried the 3 tbsps of honey with 3 tbsps of lime juice, since I didn't have lemon juice on hand. I generously sprinkled cayenne pepper and added a few drops of water. Heated it 20-30 seconds and drank. I tasted pretty good and I could immediately tell that in was "working" on the sore areas of my throat.
  I immediately got my voice back and am very hopeful that this will give me relief throughout the course of this sore throat. I will repeat as necessary until the sore throat is gone.
 I speculate that it doesn't cure the sore throat, but numbs it. But that is good enough for me. With the symptoms reduced, I can certainly wait this thing out!"

  Midlyfcrisis from East Tn, Tn, Usa replies: "The orange juice worked great! I used a straw, and drank about 1/3 cup mixed well with about 1/8 tsp of cayenne. I put the straw onto the middle of my tongue, and bypassed the tip.
 I barely had even a hot aftertaste. Within 5 minutes, my nose started running, and 10 minutes later, I can swallow w/o pain! Thanks so much!" 

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