Sunday, February 28, 2016

What Fresh Turmeric Root Can Do for You

What Fresh Turmeric Root Can Do for You: In recipes and for its anti-inflammatory potential, turmeric is hot! Learn how to store and use fresh turmeric root, instead of the ground variety found in curry powder.

Let's face it, turmeric is hot! I remember the first time I heard about this spice at a nutrition conference several years ago. A nutrition researcher was discussing its anti-inflammatory potential in the fight against disease. Flash forward to today and it seems everyone is putting this yellow spice in supplements and recipes. 
Ground turmeric is usually available in most grocery store spice sections, and it's a key component of Indian curry powder — it gives curry powder that gorgeous amber-orange shade and warm flavor. Increasingly, you now can find fresh turmeric root in markets today, too. But, what do you do with turmeric root? 
Fresh turmeric root can last in a fridge for a few weeks. When you're ready to use the root in a recipe, peel it before chopping or grating it.

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