Saturday, October 10, 2015

Geocaching: Easy and Cheap Whole Family Fresh Air, Exercise and Fun

  Allow me to appeal to the inner pirate in each of you; That secret part of every person that loves to find a prize, a hidden gem, and to be in that small group who know where the "goodies" are hidden.

 Geocaching, just like the backyard Scavenger Hunts, is both simple to learn and easy to employ into your weekends and various downtime.

 Great outdoor fun for all ages, geocaching has evolved from it's fairly exclusive roots where you needed specialized equipment (a handheld GPS unit), to a game that everyone with a smartphone can play.

 This has opened the doors to this worldwide treasure hunt to nearly everyone who wants to spend a few hours walking in beautiful locals with the kids, or just as a romantic yet inexpensive fresh air date.

 Drop by and signup for your free account to get started, and then download the free app to get started right away!

 When you're ready to start hiding a few treasures of your own, reference our previous post about an Etsy shop that makes the coolest upcycled hides here: Upcycled OOAK Geocache Containers Hides: One Of A Kind Geocache Containers, Hand-made from Upcycled Industrial Cast-off Materials!    


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