Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Upcycled OOAK Geocache Containers Hides

One Of A Kind Geocache Containers, Hand-made from Upcycled Industrial Cast-off Materials!

 Please allow me to introduce you to a truly unique item that we recently ran across while browsing Etsy shops for recycled and upcycled crafts.
 If you're not familiar with Etsy click any of the links in this post and see for yourself what an online crafts - artisan fair looks like.  Everything from jewelry and accessories, to home decor and arts, to children's clothing and toys; All made by hand, by artists and craftspeople around the globe.

 Etsy is also one of our favorite places to find those environmentally sound products that are crafted ingeniously from materials that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill, or worse.
 The artist is doing the Earth a small service, and we are keeping this cycle of positivity in rotation by shopping Etsy instead of one of the corporate outlets who routinely rape the planet and poison our grandchildren's future in the name of increasing profits.
 (OK, getting down from my soapbox now...Sorry.)

 One of our new favorite shops on Etsy is called Pops Gifts
Owned by the Reverend of the True Life church (TLC. I like that.), this shop has been an outlet for Pop's offline photography shop, selling a few tablet and phone backgrounds and wallpapers.
 Recently however, Pop has started turning industrial castoff materials into clever containers for Geocaching, a global game that is being played by millions using simple GPS devices or smartphones.
  *Look at for more details on this fun outdoor activity for all ages!

 Pop starts with the heavy role cores that held plastic sheeting. These are made with a water-based and non-toxic glue for the recycling option. Sadly however, only a few companies take advantage of this option.
 These cores are then transformed into cleverly artistic containers that can be filled with small toys (swag) and tradeable items for your little pirates to find and trade.

 Geocaching is an excellent way to get the kids away from the television for an afternoon, and to spend a day in the fresh air, getting excited about finding hidden treasures and without realizing it, actually getting some exercise while they discover new places.
 Pop's Geohides are intended for geocachers who like to place hidden caches of their own.
 Originally made for that other fun outdoor activity Family Scavenger Hunts, these (FiSH) containers were sold on Pop's Ebay store for the last two years, for about double the Etsy price.
  Pop is currently in the process of closing the Ebay store for that same reason: The high fees are pushing up the prices to the customer, which is unfair to both seller and buyer.

Geohides can be filled by Pop with fresh swag, ready to be found by your little pirates!

Each is weather sealed to resist warping and Nature's damage, and if you need a bit more room Pop also makes a footlong version shown below.

Drop by Today and see for yourself that this kind old preacher - grandfather with busy hands is creating just what Nature is prescribing for your family: A fun new way to get the children excited about being outdoors again!
 My grandchildren are in Love with both Geocaching and backyard Scavenger hunts, and Pops Geohides are a big part of the fun!

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