Friday, September 25, 2015

The next Food You Should Stop Eating: Margarine

To be and feel healthier, there are a few convenience foods you should stop eating today:

  In order to support your healthier lifestyle, you will need to make smarter and more informed food choices. We are all being hit every day with catchy words and phrases like "all natural" and "low fat" and similar triggers designed by food manufacturers to trick you into thinking that their wares are healthy for you, regardless of facts to the contrary.

 Sadly, there is an entire industry based on deceiving consumers with catchy and misleading terms like those worn out examples above.  When you hear the terms "low fat" and "sugar free" you should be thinking "chemical soup".

 Some go so far as to create and manage a campaign of propaganda designed to promote their foods as a healthier option, despite countless studies* that have disproved those claims.
* Another favorite tool of the Food Marketing industry is "fixed results' lab studies wherein the manufacturer sponsors a study with predetermined results stating that their product is healthy.

 Another example of this deception is also the next food you should stop buying and eating: Margarine.

 Originally crafted in 1869 from beef tallow and skimmed milk, margarine was intended as a butter substitute for the soldiers and lower classes of France by Napoleon III. Two years later the process here in the US was converted to animal fats and vegetable oils, mainly cottonseed oil.

 The other big difference in the US was the original design. While the French wanted to express yet another form of separation between the classes, the Americans of 1871 simply wanted to find a cheaper feed for their pigs that would also help to fatten them up.
 To meet this need: Margarine was born.  

When we look back over the last 40 years in an attempt to determine where the roots of our current obesity epidemic began, one of the primary turning points was the heavy marketing of margarine as the "healthier alternative" to butter.
 The motivation was simple and fairly obvious. While dairy farms are messy and unpredictable, a chemical plant can be controlled and far more profitable. Profits that don't need to be shared with a farmer.
 Margarine today is in fact one chemical reaction away from being plastic.
  Rancid oils such as cottonseed (Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops) and Canola ([Rapeseed] considered a healthier oil, despite being banned from infant formulas because it causes vitamin deficiencies) are leeched from seeds with the toxic cancer causing solvent Hexane.

 The oils used in making margarine are the Big Four GMO crops: Soy, Corn, Canola, Cotton.
 The raw oils are steam cleaned, thus destroying all vitamins and antioxidants. Not all the pesticides, but any trace of healthy benefit. They are then mixed with finely ground and highly toxic nickle, as a catalyst for the hydrogenation process.

 Emulsifiers (soaps) and another steam cleaning, along with bleach and deodorizers are all a typical and necessary part of the process of turning undesirable GMO seeds into a tub of chemical sludge that can be sold to the unsuspecting public under the "Healthier Option" label.

 The bottom line is this: A good organic butter is going to be far healthier than any commercial margarine on the market today. Fresh jellies and jams are an even better choice.


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