Friday, April 24, 2015

Self Defense: Beware The Energy Vampires!

Givers -vs- Takers

How To Defend Yourself From Low Frequency people Eager To Drain You

  We all know at least one. You may know a whole room full of them. Maybe you work with a few, or even (shudder) have to live with one.
 Nearly every parent of teenagers has at one time or another felt their happiness and love being sucked from their heart like someone had stabbed a straw into your back...but this is little more than a phase that passes (hopefully) in time, and not quite what this is about.
  I'm talking about fully grown adults who behave in much the same fashion.
 Some are subtle and quiet about what they want, slowly sucking the happiness from your life in tiny drops like a tick. Others don't know subtle. They don't do subtle; In your face and loud as a jackhammer; they induce a headache before they even start to speak.

 The energy vampires come in many forms, but all create that same feeling of being pulled into emotional quicksand because: spending ten minutes with them can drain you like hours of hard labor; they are the reason you have developed a poker-face that any Vegas gambler would envy; they are likely the real reason that vacations were invented.

Energy Vampires just need to feed. Your lifeforce, or the next guy's, it's all the same to a leech.

 Unfortunately, many of these love-pits simply can not be avoided because they are family, co-workers, the boss, and other essential members of your current reality. So, is there really a way to defend yourself from this constant source of low frequency vibration and needless pain?
 Start by first identifying the culprits.

The four most common forms of these psychic leeches are:

  • The Needy Friend
 Appearing friendly and kind, overly needy people are constantly seeking (begging?) advice they have no intention of heeding. "You're so smart. Tell me what to do!". 
 A common trait among the emotionally needy is that they rarely, if ever, manage to shift their focus from their own wants to the needs of others. This is because the hopelessly needy are never quite satisfied no matter how much they seem to have, and this selfishness will drain you if you let it.
  • The Drama Queen
  Facebook has become the playground of choice for this type of attention-seeking, narcissistic personality. Prone to bursts of emotions and negativity, the drama queen is also everyone's critic.
 Listen to the way they talk about others behind their backs, and you will know exactly how they speak of you when you're not around.
 Though it's not easy, don't take it personally. The problem is theirs, and not really with you...not yet.
The goal is to suck you in and begin draining your happiness and higher vibrations before moving on to the next victim, so simply step aside and remember these wise words:
 The only winner in a rigged game is the one making the rules.  Simply refuse to play.
  • The Hyper-Talker
  Some people just seem to love the sound of their own voice, attempting to fill every minute of the day with it. This uncontrollable need to speak and be heard is often manifested in inappropriately loud volumes, regardless of the surroundings. Using your "Inside voice" is not a term they are familiar with.
 The "squawker-talkers" are yet another damaged attention seeker who must be avoided if you are to retain your own vibrational level. They are experts at seeking out the listeners among us, and will latch on until you are fully drained by the needy droning of their endless sagas. 
  • The Self-Pity Victims
  Locked in their own prison of sad stories and victim status, this negativity pump will bury you in a landslide of complaints until you feel that you can't breathe.
 Prone to sudden mood changes, hostile outbursts, and in some cases even violent tirades, the permanent victim simply refuses to believe that they are worthy of happiness.
...and if they can't have it, then neither should anyone else, especially you.

 People aren't against you, they are just for themselves.       

 These people are very good at spotting the emotionally vulnerable and latching onto them.  Your kindness and support may begin with good intentions, but can quickly turn into a trap that will allow the users control over your state of mind. 

 Some will seek constant advice and attention from you, making you feel important to their self-esteem, but they simply can not and will not feel any form of respect for your sacrifices.
 Since their actions are mainly unconsciously motivated, you may not feel any immediate effects. 
Most givers will ignore the negative impact that a taker is having on their well being until the onset of a depressive state triggers the awareness that you have been toting around a vampire who is systematically pulling you down to a new low frequency level.

 The sad truth is this:  All Givers have a limit, while the Takers have none.

 Your own self esteem is a valuable tool in dealing with an energy vampire. Limiting the amount of access they are allowed to your thoughts is a good start, and being more assertive when you do have to deal with them will help you to at least feel in control to some degree.

 Many users will go out of their way to help you with the small practicalities of your life, such as shopping and picking up the kids from school when you can't, but be aware that the average Taker is always keeping score of favors, and you need to limit your indebtedness to them.

 Remind yourself that it isn't personal. These people often detest life in general, and keeping this in mind will help you to be less reactive in their presence.

2015    § Copyright    by: JB Stran, reverend of the Church of Universal Truth

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