Friday, February 13, 2015

Roses Love Garlic

Roses Love Garlic, and so should you! 

 Aren't we all getting a bit anxious for Spring?
 Of course we are, and the snow and cold won't last much longer, so here's a tip from Pop's gardening notes to get you ready:

   To protect your roses from Black Spot, Rose Chafers, Cane Borers, and even Japanese Beatles, pick up several garlic bulbs in the grocery aisle.
  Plant the individual cloves around the rosebed and anywhere else in the garden that the pests are causing trouble.

   When the garlic plants come up, they will work like knights in shining armor to keep your beauties healthy and happy...and pest free!

  ** Remember to save a few bulbs for yourself! One of my favorite secrets to staying away from prescription drugs is fresh garlic, and I sneak it into any dish that will support it.
 Sliced fine and sauteed, or crushed into pasta sauce, a few cloves of fresh garlic keep the blood young and fresh.

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