Friday, November 23, 2012

The Eyes Have It: What Your Eye Color Means

The Eyes Have It:  The Meaning of Your Eye Color

Eye color is a polygenic trait and is determined by the amount and type of pigments in the eye's iris. 

  The color of the underlying structure of the iris in everyone is blue, but it is the addition of the pigment Melanin that gives us our varying eye colors.
 Melanin is the same molecule that causes people to have skin of different shades, causes freckling and is stimulated by sun, causing us to tan.

...but, what does the color really mean?


Blue Eyes:

  Blue eyes indicate Good Looks and a hard-worker.
   Along with sensitivity to light, this trait applies to Green eyes as well.
     Blue eyes are also indicative of trustworthiness.
 Scientists believe that all humans with blue eyes can be traced to a single common ancestor.  


 Brown Eyes:

  Brown is the most dominate eye color.
   People with brown eyes are most often kind and polite, while a few are also mean and outrageous.
   Generally, they are faithful and loving, and would do anything for their special person and enjoy good relationships.
  Brown eyed people love to cheer others up.


Green Eyes:

 Those lucky people with green eyes tend to put the most passion into relationships.
  They are both honest and trust worthy, and therefore experience long-lasting relationships.
 Green eyes, like blue, are more light-sensitive than the darker colors. 


Hazel Eyes:

 People with Hazel eyes tend to be gorgeous.
  They also have rather unusual relationships that are shorter than average.
   Hazel eyes are not actually one color.
 It is a name for a combination of colors: golds, greens and browns.



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