Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mexicanese Lunch Recipe

Bachelor Cooking 101:

Pop's Mexicanese lunch recipe

 Browsing the cupboards for a lunch idea yesterday, I hit on a combo that worked out very well.
 Ramen noodles are everyone's favorite combination of essentials (cheap & easy); Nutritious, fat-free, and simple (quick).

 The problem with Ramen noodles is the small packet of spices they include to make it a sucks. Not sure I can make it any clearer.

 Using a bit less water than recommended, I soften the noodles by boiling on medium for 2 minutes, then drain 90% of the water out before dumping in a bowl.

 Walmart sells a freshly made concoction of vegetables called Pico De Gallo, found in the vegetables-salad area among the "Marketside" mixes.
  Mostly fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions, and enough flavor to make it an exciting taste.
It's easier to think of it as the best parts of a good salsa, without the mess.
      Here's what to look for:

 Mixing a generous scoop of Pico De Gallo into the hot noodles amounts to a tasty, healthy, and natural lunch with loads of flavor...and it takes about 5 minutes!
 (You thought healthy had to be boring, didn't you?)

 The final lunch:
 Now to be fair, I like a bit more flavor and a bit of sauce to bind the whole thing together, so I also toss in a couple of tablespoons of a good chunky salsa.
 You can see the slight difference, but the taste change is awesome...

 No doubt this recipe will become a regular Saturday addition to my diet.   Healthier and more filling than most easy foods (I use 2 packs of noodles), and totaling about 75¢ makes this combo hard to beat.
 Besides: How many chances do you get to tell people that you're having Mexicanese?


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