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Natural Cures feature: ACNE

  Natural Cures:  Acne

   You have seen it happen to your friend’s skin and you’re scared.
  Scared that you could also blemish your otherwise flawless face, if you use those readily available skincare products from the market to eliminate those pesky pimples and bothersome blackheads.
  Almost all such ready made products, like cleansers, toners, moisturizers, shampoos, scrubs and masks are suspect in aggravating acne. So, what are you to do?
  Well, there’s a way out. Opt for natural acne cures. They not only make acne disappear, but also bring that original glow back to your face, while rejuvenating your skin.

Natural cures

  The most sensible step you could’ve taken, you’ve already taken.
 You’ve said no to chemical skincare products and opted for their naturally derived counterparts.
 Your grandma’s recipes, ointments and potions are making a comeback for treating acne, bringing the smile back to women, especially the skin-conscious teenagers.
 Acne, a skin disorder resulting from the action of hormones on the skin’s oil glands, leads to plugged pores and outbreak of pimples, whiteheads and blackheads that ravages the skin.
  The natural remedies not only treat this skin condition effectively, but also don’t cause allergies. Chemical skincare products are known to create nasty allergies and compound the problem you were attempting to cure.

 The products for natural acne treatment come in various forms, like cleansers, toners, moisturizers, shampoos, scrubs and masks, to name just a few.
  The most common natural ingredients used in them include tea tree oil and Aloe vera.

  Tea tree oil, a strong natural antiseptic, is effective against skin problems and is a natural cure for acne.
  What this oil does is to penetrate the follicles of the skin and kill all infection causing bacteria. It also rejuvenates the tissue of the affected area. Aloe vera, on the other hand, when used as part of a daily skin treatment regimen, helps keep the skin healthy.
  Its oil has healing and restorative properties. Little wonder it is a part of every high-end lotion, cream and gel product.

  Another common natural ingredient for treating acne is shea butter.
   This butter has a range of amazing healing properties stemming from its physical make up of vitamins A, E, and cinnamic acid and the like.
   It has incredible anti-inflammatory qualities and has been used since antiquity for healing wounds and eradicating scars. Natural muds and salts used for scrubs and masks also draw out the impurities from the skin.

  If the acne is not in its advanced stage and contains only a few pimples and white or blackheads, you can also use some quick-fix natural solutions.
  Pound an orange peel with water and apply it to the acne affected area. You can also use cucumber leaves or its grated pieces in place of orange peel. Even rubbing the area with a fresh cut clove of garlic brings wonderful results.
 A clove based facemask or a paste of fenugreek leaves applied overnight and washed off the next morning also clears the skin of pimples.

Water treatment

  If you really don’t want to get into the hassle of natural acne remedies involving herbs and other natural ingredients, there is a simple, time-tested method for getting rid of acne. It’s the water treatment.
   When we consume less amounts of water, our skin cells shrivel giving rise to skin problems, amongst which acne is the most common.
  So, to avoid dehydration, there is a need to maintain sufficient water in the tissue by consuming at least one and a half liters of water daily.
  This not only hydrates the body, but also imparts a healthy glow to the skin. Can you ask for a simpler home remedy for acne!

 Natural acne cures are safe and effective. All you need do is seek your grandma’s advice and enjoy a healthy, unblemished skin forever!

≈≈ Reader Contributions:≈≈

* Bertha says:
  I have found that using a paste of aspirin really has helped me. I make a mixture of honey and crushed aspirins (about 4) and leave on for 15 minutes it makes my skin feel really good afterwards. You can see the pimple get smaller right away. Using baking soda too has helped me just wash your face with it and moisturize.

* Joy says:
Need something that will make your skin REALLY! soft use this
You need
1/2 cup of plain oatmeal
2 table spoons of plain yogert
1 table spoon on brown suger
I mix it rub on your face and rince off and REMEMBER pat dry .

* Fancie says:
 The water remedy really works. If my little brother doesn’t drink a lot of water throughout the day he will break out. I also find that my skin doesn’t peal at all if i scrub it with a wash cloth and plain dove soap.

* Joy says:
I know this will sound weird but, I come from along line of ance promblems. This works and you can find all this stuff in your home.
First wet your face with warm water. Next take salt [ any salt] and rub it on your face . BE CAREFUL!! Next take 3 table spoons of plain yogert and 1/4 cup of brown suger. Mix it and rub it all over your face . Rinse pat dry and your face will be baby soft.

* Natalie says:
  to get rid of acne real fast before school starts:
*rub 1/4 cup of apple juice all over your face.
*then lie down with cucumber slices covering your face for 15 min.
take off the cucumber and rinse face with warm water by hands no cloth
repeat once a day until acne goes away.


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